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This week, I picked up a book titled ‘This is Marketing’ by Seth Godin who is a very influential figure in the world of marketing. I finished reading.. well. listening to the book twice already and I was blown away by how much useful information, strategies, and tactics discussed in this book.

I highly recommended this book to everyone whether you are running your business or an employee. Whether you like it or not, we are doing marketing and selling every day.. 

So why did I bring this book up? I read a story in this book. Harvard Marketing professor Theodore Levitt once famously said that people don’t want to buy a quarter inch drill bit, they want a quarter inch hole. The lesson is that the drill bit is merely a feature, a means to an end for what people truly want is the hole that the drill bit makes, but that doesn’t go nearly far enough, no one wants a hole. what people want is the shelf that will go on the wall once they drill the hole.

Actually, what they want is how they will feel once they see how uncluttered everything is when they put their stuff on the shelf that went on the wall. They want the satisfaction that they did it themselves and or perhaps the increased status they will get when their spouse admires the work or the piece of mind that comes from knowing the bedroom isn’t a mess and it feels safe and clean. So people don’t want to buy a quarter inch drill bit, they want to feel safe and respected.

So after reading this a number of times, I was thinking about the purpose of property investment. do people really want to have a property portfolio? the passive income, financial security, and early retirement? They all sound good and are what’s been preached to the public so everyone talks about them when it comes to property. if you ask 10 people what they want from investing in real estate.. they want those things.. lots of properties, lots of passive income and quote-unquote financial security.. or is it?