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Most people think a mortgage is a soul-sucking monster that keeps them handcuffed and not be able to enjoy their life the way they want.

In this episode, we are going to talk about 3 hacks you could implement to turn the soul sucking monster into your money making machine. 

  • Hack #1 – Switch from monthly repayment to fortnightly repayment
  • Hack #2 – Set up an offset account and a credit card
  • Hack #3 – The age-old question whether or not you should use I/O or P&I repayment for your mortgage.

Now, just a reminder that you could ask me any questions that are related to building wealth via property, whether it’s a question for mortgage, market, mindset or even fitness. Well, a healthy body is the fundation to everything.. so i consider that a big part of my life…

So if you have any questions. just head over to and fill out the short form.

I will answer your questions either in this show or respond directly..